Everyone. Information you volunteer, like contact information for the message boards or guestbooks, may be used to help us contact you personally. (For instance, if you leave a nice note in someone's guestbook, that someone may send a thank-you note to the email address you provide.) Your information will not be resold, given away, or otherwise added to any involuntary or 'opt-out' systems with or without your consent.

Visitors. Hi! If you're reading this, our servers have already collected some basic information about how you're accessing rapidfish.org. We use this information for internal purposes only, and may report some of the less sensitive information to the public from time to time, like how many people want to see Morgan Webb naked, but it is otherwise kept private.

Email account holders. All usage of your email account is considered private. We will access your email account and the information contained therein only with your explicit consent or if directly ordered to by a legitimate legal body. In return, we ask only that you don't do anything that would cause a legitimate legal body to directly order us to access your email account.

Web hosting account holders. Your personal subdirectory/subdomain is considered private to a point. Content you make available for public retrieval is, of course, available for retrieval by pretty much anyone. Welcome to the Internet. Content you make available for private usage only (for instance, in a directory or PHP3 node protected by password) will be only accessed by administration with your explicit consent or:

  1. if the content poses a risk to the security of the web servers,
  2. if administration is ordered to reveal private information by a legitimate legal body,
  3. for periodical automated back-up, the contents of which will only be explored by administration to ensure successful transfer.
Please note, however, that all web server activity is logged, and all web hosting account holders have access to the log and statistics files generated by these logging processes. And again, please refrain from any activity that would require us to respond to a legal subpoena.

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